Saturday, July 24, 2010

In A Perfect World

In a perfect world, I would would be a rock writer by day and a super villain by night.

I'd be a rock writer in order to combine two of my greatest loves in much the same way Reese's Peanut Butter Cup fans love the unholy union of chocolate and peanut butter. My desire to be a rock writer would combine my love of music and writing into an explosion of extreme awesomeness the likes of which the world could scarcely comprehend--or so I like to imagine, anyway. While it's a relative truism that the reality of achieving one's dream job rarely turns out to be as fulfilling as the dream, itself, I do believe it remains a dream worth the dreaming (apologies to both Kate Bush and Neil Gaiman, whom, I believe, actually was a rock writer at one point).

I'd be a super villain in order to both have the super powers I'd like and to work around the problem of disappointing people when I decided to use my phenomenal powers in a way they didn't approve of. As a super villain, I could do just about anything I'd like (including rescue kittens from trees) under the guise that my every action, no matter how benign it appeared, was actually part of some evil plan.

Kittens. A brand new Iphone. Giving away Hybrid cars to low income families. Creating a second string of mammoth islands in the north Atlantic Ocean to buffer the The Carribean Islands from force of the hurricanes that regular rip through that part of the world.

All part of some dastardly plan.

I bring this up because it's late and the coffee hasn't worn off and at this hour playing games of 'What If' are entirely too much fun.

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  1. Any super villain willing to save us from natural disasters AND the scourge of kitten-thieving trees can't be too bad a dude, I'd say, but I imagine I could play along and work up an Adam West-y "That... contemptible... fiend!" now and again if it'll keep us in iPhones and Hybrids.